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              Sabaijit brand was founded in 2009 by daughters and their mother who opened their mother’s last-named boutique in Bangkok. Sabaijit (means Happy of Mind) clothing are crafted for modern woman does not need just outfit of the day but they need spotlight cloths for their days. 


               Throughout the period of 10 years ago, the most important things for our brand products are high-quality fabrics with our creativity in designing. Every pieces of our products are made ready with tailor final touch.


                Sabaijit is connected all of the time to a new sales channel by renowned social media platform. Our new items are launched daily which aims to offer customers exclusive opportunities and a simpler for shopping with outstanding service online.


                 In 2019 Sabaijit established their own offline boutique; all the laboratories and the headquarters of the brand opened in Bangkok. The place where service their customers such as private measurement size, create exclusive design from their customer, material selection and more.



118/33 Lat Krabang Rd., Lat Krabang,

Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520

Tel: (+66) 02-0119252

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M.Tel : (+66) 091-7649460

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